Mahncke Park Community Garden

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You’ve Come A Long Way Baby

Google Mahncke Park Community Garden and you're presented with a short garden synopsis and a few photos. The main photo depicted the garden when it was still a glimmer in the eyes of those who worked tirelessly to bring it to fruition. Judging by the growth and continuous activity one can hardly believe that it's been just over a year since the first plants were introduced into this spectacular space. As it turns out, trees, shrubs, and vegetables aren't the only things growing in the garden. Upon closer observation, you'll quickly discover that new acquaintances, neighborly connections, and genuine relationships are being cultivated and harvested with the changing of seasons. Given that the Garden has grown tremendously in such a short period, one can only imagine what's to come.
by: GScott

Recently Spotted In The Garden

Last Saturday I stopped by the garden to check out the latest goings on only to find three gardeners hard at work completing various chores. While the work seemed a bit tasking, it was clear that Butch, Paul and Ric took a sense of pride and satisfaction in this labor of love.
Photos by: GScott